Youth Employment

Youth Employment

Incentives for the Self-Employed


The Mallorca Chamber is announcing a public tender for the launch of their new business and/or commercial activities directed at young beneficiaries of the Youth Guarantee System.



Details of the aid 

  • The agreed sum of aid is for €600.
  • On the date of commencement of the activity, the young attendees must be beneficiaries signed on to the National Youth Guarantee Scheme and have completed their inscription, orientation and the basic training scheme of the Mallorca Chamber's PICE programme. 

Basic Requirements for the Entrepreneur

  • Young people who are are earning money working as freelance professionals and are subscribed to the Economic Activity Tax (IAE) and the Special Scheme for Freelance Workers (RETA) for a minimum of 12 months from the moment of requesting the aid or before the date of the announcement being officially made, provided they:
    • are subcribed to IAE and RETA upon making their request.
    • no more than six months have passed between being subscribed to IAE or RETA and the date of their request.
  • The activity heading registered must stay subscribed in the Ecomonic Activity Tax (IAE) and the Special Scheme for Freelance Workers (RETA) for a minimum of 12 months. 

  • The economic activity must be developed within the boundaries of Mallorca. 

The Chambers of Commerce Comprehensive Qualification and Employment Programme (PICE in Spanish) assists young people enter the job market.  The programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and forms part of the National Youth Guarantee System, an initiative of the Ministry for Employment & Social Security in line with the Entrepreneurship & Youth Employment Strategy. 

Contact Person:
Carme Marí
Depart of Education & Training
(+34) 971 71 01 88 (ext.2236)

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