Company Certificates

As a public law corporation, the Mallorca Chamber exercises the role of trusted third party by issuing the necessary certificates required for carrying out specific matters in business dealings.  

The Chambers of Commerce have been issuing certificates for more than 125 years, a role attributed to them by law which allows companies to accredit different aspects related to their mercantile and industrial activities in order to participate in public tenders, facilitate procedures, obtain industrial or commercial standardizations or for exporting. 

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Technical Assistance to Companies

Certificate of Business Census Membership

What is this for?

  • To be able to participate in Public Administration tenders
  • International Trade and attending foreign trade shows
  • To demonstrate the antiquity of the census
  • To validate one or various activities undertaken by a company 
  • To determine and locate a place where a particular enterprise is carrying out a commercial or business activity
  • To identify and demonstrate that such an establishment corresponds (or not) with the registered social or fiscal address of the company 
  • To facilitate procedures with particular official bodies.

How do I request one?

If interested, you can download the request for a certificate and return completed to the following email address:

Request Certificate of Census Membership

Certificate of Recognition and Trademark Reputation

What is this for?

  • To issue a distinctive look to companies and their brands based on their products and/or services, either in a particular sector or within a territorial zone.
  • To undertake procedures for the internationalisation of the brand
  • To avoid disputes over the use of a trademark or brand name in court cases.

How do I request one?

If interested, you can download the request for a certificate and return completed by email to:

Request Certificate of Trademark Reputation

Certificate of Company Size

What is this for?

  • To determine which companies may benefit from programmes or policies from the European Union.
  • To define companies according to the stipulated standards dicated by the current European rules.
  • To facilitate procedures and improve access for SME's to secure:
    • Lines of finance
    • Funding
    • Subsidies
    • Innovation

How do I request one?

If interested, download the request for a certificate and return completed by email to the following address:

Request Certificate of Company Size
Certificados para exportar

Export Certificates

Certificate of Origin to show at customs to prove the origin of the goods.

Certificate of Free Sale to show that goods will be marketed in their country of origin.


Procedure for Export Documents

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