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About Us

Cameral Network

Cámara de Comercio de España

Spanish Chamber of Commerce

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce represents 85 Chambers of Commerce throughout Spain, coordinating their activities and strengthening the network of relationships. 

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European Insular Chamber Network

Made up of more than 30 Chambers who all share the same problems of insularity as well as geographical isolation, lack of infrastructure or difficulties in communication.


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Association of Mediterranean Chambers

This associations brings together some 250 Chambers of Commerce in 23 countries throughout the Mediterranean. 

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Association of European Chambers

This association is made up of more than 1,700 local and regional Chambers of Commerce from 43 European countries, representing 20 million companies. 

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Cámara de Comercio Internacional

International Chamber of Commerce

This is the global organization of companies that has been defending an open trading environment under conditions of fair competition and trade since 1919.  Amongst its bodies, you will find the World Chambers Federation (WCF), which brings together Chambers of Commerce from more than 130 countries.


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