International Trade

International Trade

Export Procedures

Ask about the administrative procedure you need to be able to facilitate your operations abroad. 

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ATA Carnet

This is a temporary admission document which allows your merchandise to travel outside national frontiers with a view to:

  • being exhibitied at a trade show or fair 
  • being used to undertake professional work or services 
  • being presented as commercial samples for respresentatives.
The fees for an ATA Carnet are €165
You must also leave a deposit as a guarantee of between 25% and 100% of the total value of your merchandise, depending on the country and the product; this will be returned to your company once the ATA Carnet has been issued.  An alternative to leaving a deposit is to insure your ATA Carnet, the cost of which will depend on your merchandise.  
The standard time required for an ATA Carnet is two days.  If you need one sooner, you can pay an additional €50.
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Certificate of Origin

The Certificate of Origin proves the place of origin of your merchandise, with the aim of satisying both customs' and commercial requirements.  The origin of merchandise determines the tarrif or commercial treatment applied to the merchandise at the moment of entry into a particular customs' area. 

The price of this certificate is €1,50 and the official endorsement charge is €42,50.

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Certificate of Free Sale

The Certificate of Free Sale & Consumption is a document certifying that your products are freely sold or traded from the country of origin.  It means you comply with one of the requirements to be able to register your products or brands in other countries. 

The Health Authorities or the actual importers of some countries require certain products for export to be accompanied by documentation that certifies they are free of sale or trading in the country of origin. 

The price for a Certificate of Free Sale is €48,00.

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Endorsing Invoices & Documentation

The rules stipulated by countries to obtain visa endorsements are constantly changing besides each country requiring different documentation, and different types of visa existing. 

To undertake this procedure, it is necessary to fulfill all the requirements and to present the correct documentation.  This can be done in person at the Mallorca Chamber between 9h and 13:30h from Monday to Friday, with no fixed appointment necessary.

The price for a visa endorsement is €49 per invoice and €49 per list of content.

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