How to Drive your Business Forward

Resolución alternativa de conflictos empresariales

Arbitration & Mediation

Alternative Conflict Resolution: we provide mediation & arbitration to settle business conflicts employing extrajudicial methods.


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Listados de empresas


We can provide specific company lists sourced from the regional Chambers of Commerce network, guaranteed to be useful and relevant for pursuing your commercial activities.


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Certificados empresariales

Official Certificates

We can issue official certificates of legal documents required for your business activities whether they be mercantile, industrial or for rendering services.


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Firma digital

Digital Signature

This certificate identifies you online so that you can perform certain actions like signing documents and accessing gateways to e-government services.


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Campus Empresarial Virtual Cambra Mallorca

Virtual Business Campus

Flexible online training for companies & professionals, dynamic methodoloy and monitoring of what is being learned by the tutor.  


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Talleres charlas y cursos para empresas en Mallorca

Always up-to-date

We organize talks, training seminars and courses for you to stay up-to-date in the latest trends in digital marketing, HR , economics and business management.

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Competitividad empresarial

Further Links of Interest

Useful information and support for your business activities available from external organizations.


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