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Camerfirma is the name of the Chambers of Commerce digital certification authority which guarantees the identity and representation capability of personnel from a company, allowing people to work online without fear

The digital certificate is a unique online identifier which allows its holder to be identified as such online so that he/she may undertake a series of specific actions (signing documents, accessing restricted areas, identifying him/herself before a particular administration).  It is the online equivalent of an ID document

You can request your digital certificate through the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce.

One of the most important aspects concerning this type of digital identity is the actual body issuing the certificate; that is to say, once a company identifies itself on the network with a digital certificate, the other parties can fully trust that this company is truly who it says it is, because there is a third  trusted party involved, in this case Camerfirma.

The digital certificate guarantees:

  • The integrity of transmitted documents
  • Their origin
  • The detection of any manipulation they may have suffered 

Types of Certificates

  • Digital Certificate of a physical person who belongs to a company.  Suitable for a physical person who has a working or commercial connection with the legal entity. This certificate only guarantees the belonging of the person to the company, that is to say, their relationship with the company, but not the capacity to act in the name or representation of said company. 
  • Digital Certificate of a physical person who respresents a company. Suitable for a physical person who represents the legal entity and who has the capacity to act in the name and representation of the same.  The powers of representation held by the bearer of the certificate can be legal or voluntary. 
  • Digital Certificate of a legal entity. Suitable for a legal entity.  These certificates are only recognised nowadays in tax matters to carry out operations in the name of a corporate entity.
  • Digital Certificate of an E-invoice. This is a new certificate specially aimed at companies who wish to invoice online. 

The procedure for obtaining a digital signature is included in the many services offered through the Digital Innovation Hub Balearic Islands by the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce.

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Contact Person:
Gabriel García del Moral
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Contact Person:
Gabriel García del Moral
Responsable Innovación
971 71 01 88 (ext.2320)

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